New Moon Manifestations

I recommend you utilize a blank notebook for your manifestations.

Do this at your alter or place of prayer and meditation. Use any candles, crystals, or spiritual items you wish.

Ask for any Angels, Saints, Ancestors, or Spirit Guides – whatever you wish to call them – for their support in the matters. I suggest calling on the Creator only if of the highest importance and urgency, and of purest intentions for the issue.

These work on the Full Moon for me as well, but I am a Cancer born on a Full Moon, so that may have something to do with that.

First, write down 3 or more things you are thankful for.

Next, write down 3 or more things you wish to manifest in your life.

Now write down 3 or more things you think may be preventing them from happening.

Next, 3 or more of each of things you can do today, or long-term, separately, to achieve the goals.

Meditate on these.

Write down any changes in your visions/perceptions after the meditation.

Now I will paraphrase the more effective way of manifesting your desires and needs, from “Rosicrucian Principles for Home and Business,” by H. Spencer Lewis;

There was a Midwest family, a man & wife, 2 children, and a house. Both worked, did ok, but they hated the winter months, and desired a slightly higher quality of life for their children, and their work to pay just a little more, and be just a little more enjoyable.

One day, it seemed their prayers were answered; the man was offered a job in California, where they had always dreamed of living. However, the wife would likely have a difficult time finding work, which they would need as it would cost more to live there, and there were only 3 shoddy offers on their house. None of the prospective buyers could manage to acquire the cash or credit, and one was lowballing to the point they couldn’t afford the move if they took his offer.

So, the family was placing all of their eggs in the baskets of these people who had their own karmic issues or personal agendas, quite out of their control.

When they changed their focus to simply envision and manifest a house and 2 careers in their desired location, guess what happened?

Suddenly the wife’s job opened a location in the city where the husband was offered his. The husband notified his boss, and while her company paid for the move, his actually found a buyer for their house, who wanted to relocate in the opposite direction, and the company facilitated the transaction of basically trading houses.

The “how” is not important; do NOT depend on others for your own wants and needs.

In Love and Light